Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides.

Kelly Jayne Jones – Flute/voice/tape/electronics
Pascal Nichols – Drums/Voice/electronics

Part Wild Horse's Mane On Both Sides formed in 2007 in Manchester. 
"Percussionist Pascal Nichols and flautist Kelly Jones have minted a profound new form of improvisation that carves spectral shapes from silence and creates free music with a spare orchestral beauty and deep psychedelic atmosphere. Augmenting their instruments with electronics, tapes and old military communication systems, they expand the basic free jazz format with drones, feedback and zoned vocals, taking the Cherry/Blackwell duets and relocating them upwind of the alien soundtracks generated by Japan’s Taj Mahal Travellers." Volcanic Tongue 'Tip of the Tongue 2011. 
Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides work and expand on the flute/percussion format, taking a spiritual, freely improvised approach to music and sound. They have lately worked on collaborations with visual artists Haris Epaminonda and Veronica Ibarra, resulting in exhibitions at Site Gallery(UK), The Tate Modern(UK) and SCHIRN Kunsthalle(DE). 

Jones and Nichols have made music and sound with and as Drapeau Noir(with Chora and Hunter Gracchus), Shiggajon (Danish free music collective), Christian Munthe, Time Life, Famoudou Don Moye, Arrington Dionysios, Bill Kouligas, Hobo Sonn, Duncan Harrison, Stuckometer, Motherfucking, Open Eye Ensemble, Mick Beck, Diatribes, Chora, CKDH, Acrid Lactations, The Whole Voyald, Guillaume Viltard, Simon Rose, Zweiters, Usurper, White Death, Helhesten, the A Band,C Joynes and more.


Haris Epaminonda, 2011 @ Schrin Kunsthalle Frankfurt. PWHMOBS sound commission and performance.

Haris Epaminonda,  Vol. VI, 2010 @ Gallery 2 , Tate Modern, London. PWHMOBS sound commission.

Haris Epaminonda, CHRONICLES, 2010 @ Site Gallery, Sheffield. PWHMOBS sound commission.

'Chew The Float' Group art exhibition, 2010 @ Victoria Baths, Manchester. PWHMOBS paintings, sounds, and plantlife installation.


St Jean de Couz, 3” CD (Rayon Records 07)

Escaping Boar, 3” CD (Ruralefaune 08)

Christmas Day CD (Rayon Records 08)

PWHMOBS/Ero Baba, split c40 (Galerie Pache 08)

Fuck Off Massive Ocean, C40 (Atthletic Duddes 08)

Bataille de Battle, CD (Singing Knives 08)

Carving Ones Void, CD(Golden Lab 08)

PWHMOBS (psykick dancehall 09) 4x 3" CDRs split

Anus Carved in Wood, CD (Chocolate Monk 09)

Poisson, C40 (Rayon Records 09)

Le Drapeau Noir LP (chironex 09)

Fuck off Massive Onion, 3" (makrame 09)

PWHMOBS C30 (colour ride 09)

Punching your air (rev/vega 09) C30 split w/fria konstellationen

'PWHMOBS live in Salford' (Dead Sea Liner 09) CDR

Memoirs of a secret metal cave (Bug Incision 09) CDR

Blew in the Face (chironex 09) LP

All Cows are Sacred (House of Alchemy '10) CDR

PWHMOBS with CKDH "Spurious Animal" / Fria Konstellationen "Dieu Trompeur" c?? (Rayon 10)

Low Fired Clay Escape (Carnivals 11) LP